Addiction Treatment Clinic Dr. Vorobiev in Belgrade was established in May 2007.
All hospital activities are approved and monitored by Health Care Ministry of Republic of Serbia and the other government agencies.
The hospital is part of an international network of clinics Dr. Vorobiev.  The first clinic was opened in the resort town of Pyatigorsk in southern Russia 18 years ago. Now in Russia there are 4 clinics in Rostov, Krasnodar, Pyatigorsk, and Moscow. New branch was open in Mexico in 2009.  Consultation center operates in UAE since 2008 and at the moment preparations for the opening the clinic are taken.
Clinic in Belgrade is specialized in treatment of all types of dependence. Basically, we treat patients who suffer from addiction to opioids.

The addiction treatment clinic uses the latest advances and technologies in modern medicine for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Each patient is treated individually; scheduled treatment program is based on the results of the diagnosis, the psychological tests and the results of urine tests for drug presence.